IWS Logistics, Inc.                                       

IWS Logistics, Inc. is a full service logistics company serving the southeast.  Partnered with IWS Manufacturing, Inc. and IWS Transportation Company, we can handle ALL your logistics needs.

Some of the Many Services We Offer:

bullet Inventory Controlled Warehousing
bullet Value Added Assembly and Packaging
bullet Line Sequencing and JIT Delivery
bullet Full Transportation Services

WHY IWS?   IWS was established to meet the growing needs of today's manufacturers by providing inventory controlled warehousing, product sub-assembly, line kitting and just-in-time (JIT) delivery.  We focus on quality services that  provide our customers a partnership that ensures success.

If you are ever in need of temporary or permanent outsourcing of warehouse space, product assembly
or packaging, or transportation services, please know that you can count on us.

  • Do you lease space all year when you only need it for a several months?
  • Do you employ production/assembly staff that you may not need all year?
  • Do you lack space to package your products during peak demands?
  • Do you need help processing orders and distributing your products?
  • Do you practice just-in-time manufacturing, but struggle with inventory delivery?
  • Do you depend on outside transportation that doesn't meet your needs?

          If you answered YES to any of these questions, IWS can help!

We invite you to visit our facility and see for yourself how IWS can help your company. Please call us to schedule a tour or to receive more information on IWS Logistics and the many services we offer.
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  IWS Logistics, Inc.
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